Are you ready to buy a house? We tell you how to do it

buy a house


Are you ready to buy a house

Buying a house in dha multan is perhaps one of the decisions that could generate more uncertainty at some point in life, especially when it is the first time; it is normal since everything unknown tends to disturb us.

Do not worry, here we give you the answers you are looking for to know if you are ready to buy it or if on the contrary, you should consider it and wait a little longer.

Check your current conditions

How are your savings?


You must have a savings account or a fund, with a budget destined to take this great step, which must cover a minimum of 10% of the value of the property and 8% of the documentation that the process requires, plus other unforeseen events that may arise. in the path.

How is your source of income?


Analyze if it is stable and constant over time. These are two characteristics that you should take into account, either because it comes from an indefinite term contract and you have been with the same company for several years or because you are an independent professional and have one or more sources of income.

In any of the cases, check if it guarantees a minimum to cover your fixed expenses such as rent, variable expenses such as medical costs and flexible expenses such as non-essential expenses such as the purchase of items of your choice.

Do you have financial stability?


Talking about financial stability can fill you with many doubts, to clear them, check your financial capacity or solvency to answer for your planned and even unforeseen expenses.

That is, those who may present themselves to something unexpected. You can also answer the question: how about your financial peace of mind?

Do you think it is time to become independent?


You are considering leaving your parents’ house because you want more independence and freedom, change your lifestyle or simply, you already have enough maturity to plan your future, then, acquiring a property is already part of this plan.

Is it a Good Time to Get a House?

Are you taking action in that sense?


You already have some places on the checklist to see your future home, the size and the budget to allocate. You have also considered characteristics of the style, of the decoration such as floors, windows, walls, furniture, color, etc.

If you answered positively to the previous questions, it means that you have the maturity and financial stability to move forward, now you only need to select the financial institution that gives you the best option and support.

You need one that puts your cards on the table and advises you correctly, in such a way that the credit that it offers you does not alter your lifestyle, much less put at risk that tranquility that you have already achieved.

ION Financiera helps you buy a house


If you have already decided, we recommend taking into account our mortgage credit services to acquire a home, whose financing model adjusts to your needs through a flexible income check.

We are the option for employees, professionals, freelancers, merchants and entrepreneurs who traditionally cannot prove their income, although they do have the necessary to meet the requirements.

At ION Financiera you can perform cash income checks, an ideal option for independent workers or merchants, who receive most of their income in this way and who, on many occasions, are limited in obtaining home loans.

What is a mortgage?


The mortgage is the loan that is made to acquire a home through a contract with a financial institution, in which three factors are established:

Capital: amount or amount to be financed.

Time: which will determine the term to pay said capital.

Interest: percentage that increases the amount of the loan.

What is the process to follow?


– Once you contact us, one of our commercial advisers will visit you, listen carefully to your requirements and provide you with the relevant advice that best suits your needs.

– You will execute the pre qualifier with our commercial advisor to start the process of your mortgage loan so that you previously know the financing characteristics.

– If you agree, they will subsequently manage the contract and proceed to its respective signature.

We hope this information has been very useful and you have found the answers to all those doubts and questions you have about whether you are ready to buy a house and what are the options to consider along this path.

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