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Even with a good credit history and a good average income per year, there are self-employed profiles and entrepreneurs from various business branches who will need a loan that allows them to flexibly verify income.

The reasons are several, since traditional measures often limit the acquisition of a home to profiles such as freelancers, merchants or entrepreneurs.

This is because, although they have income, these are in cash and before a traditional institution they may not be able to verify them even if they earn a living daily.

Both institutional credit services and those of other commercial providers are focused on the segment of formal workers, with regular income; no options for the huge autonomous segment in the country.

Until a little less than ten years ago, the options for acquiring a home loan, in this case, were minimal; representing one of the most neglected paths by traditional banking.

It is in order to build a bridge between workers with an income stream, either variable and totally or partially in cash, that ION Financiera arises.

Verification of income from ION Financiera


With an entrepreneurial profile, when evaluating the enormous life decision that the acquisition of a mortgage loan represents , it is important to choose an entity with flexible options that is reliable.

The unique method of granting mortgage loans considers independent professionals, workers without affiliation to any mortgage institution (in the case of FOVISSSTE and Infonavit) and even mixed-income families.

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Buying a house: how to get a mortgage loan in a flexible way


The usual scenario is that it is practically impossible for a self-employed person to get a mortgage loan, even if they receive all or most of the income in cash, without payroll receipts, bank transactions or other proof of income.

For sectors such as independent workers, merchants, entrepreneurs, transporters and tenants, ION Financiera distinguishes itself by offering them an option to materialize the desire to have a wealth.

From the moment of the related procedures it will be possible:

• Use the online prequalifier. Available on the ION site, it establishes a credit prequalification from a few questions and generates a first contact for the rest of the process.

• Make the request by phone. An advisor will provide support in filling out the application.

After the first contact, a representative will make a home visit, there:

– In special cases, ION Financiera carries out a socioeconomic study to find out the applicant’s employment conditions.

– A consultation will be made to the Credit Bureau to evaluate your current status.

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– The income verification options will be analyzed, which is possible through purchase notes and even an expense log.

– A checklist will be delivered with the attached documentation that must be delivered for credit authorization.

It is also important to mention that credit schemes allow co-accreditation, which makes it easy to increase the amount of credit by joining the income to that of a friend, family member, partner and with ION you can even do it with neighbors or co-workers.

The agility and speed with which the credit is approved will depend in part on the evaluation of the credit profile and in another on the response and ease of the requirements requested from the contractor.

The commitment of a mortgage loan


Although ION Financiera’s commitment is focused on offering the most flexible means and payment schemes tailored to each profile; a goal like home ownership will always involve responsibilities.

ION Financiera evaluates your Score in the Credit Bureau to proceed with the application for a mortgage loan for home purchase.

Additionally, the applicant profile must have financial stability and an initial saving of at least 10% of the total cost of the house, in addition to an additional 8% for expenses before a notary public.

That is why it is important to remember that the acquisition of your own home, in the present or in the future, should always be mediated on the reflection and analysis of economic circumstances.

Greater financial control will always guarantee you a better future.

Acquiring a home loan through a scheme that allows the contractor to verify income flexibly and to the extent of their possibilities, is part of the ION Financiera plan; If the decision is in the immediate plans, this is the best time to approach.–Online-and-Offline-Marketing-Tools-

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