How to Develop a Seller Rallying Cry and Motivate Your Team + Examples!


Imagine the following situation: a full stands and the match is what can guarantee your team’s victory in the Brazilian championship. Intuitively, what does the crowd do when players take the field? Shouting the battle cry, that’s the obvious response from team lovers. Not unlike this example, the salesman’s rallying cry is also an action that promotes engagement and drives results in the sales team .

When done correctly, it can bring a series of benefits that directly reflect on salespeople’s performance and certainly on collective growth.

what is a battle cry

It’s not a slogan, just a ditty or a plot of motivational phrases. While the goal is to engage and drive results, the rallying cry for salespeople is much more than that.

Created with the aim of uniting and motivating, it aims to act intimately in the senses of those who sing it, moving body and soul. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it’s not!

In fact, a battle cry must make sense to the one who cries it out.

An example: try to remember a sports team that you don’t support, their screams may even have impactful and well-constructed phrases, but does it move you? Probably not, as it wasn’t designed for your reality.

Now, your group’s or your team’s battle cry will definitely have a lot more effect on you!

That is, it’s about that: through a few words, a good beat and a lot of noise, creating the emotion and encouragement that translates all the vision, values ​​and essence of the team. In fact, the battle cry helps to increase the sense of belonging. 

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Importance of a battle cry

The salesman’s battle cry is a way of creating in him, every time he sings these verses, the living memory of what, for what and how to do what he does. 

It is common that, in the daily routine, some of these convictions are lost. So, shouting the meaning of all this is fundamental, to tell yourself why it all, what you want and where you are headed!

How to Create a Battle Cry for Sales

Now is the time to push your creativity! But first of all, you need to define some metrics that will help you develop a great rallying cry for salespeople:

Define your company profile

There are three pillars that serve to know, in fact, what the company is: the team’s identity, goals and current situation.

How to define brand identity

It is the first step in creating a good battle cry for salespeople, as you need to know who the people who make up the team, the sales department and the entire company are.

By establishing these profiles, it is possible to know what the company’s particular and collective differentials are. For example, if it is a rallying cry for sporting goods sellers, it is certain that some characteristics of the team are:

  • Understand about sports;
  • Love sports;
  • Be a reference in the sale of product “X”.

Or, if it is the store of a specific team:

  • Be exclusive to that team;
  • Have partnerships with players;
  • Be made up of loyal fans.

How to set team goals 

Now comes the step of understanding where everyone is going.

Here, perhaps, it is the most important part of the cry, as it is at this stage that the motivation is consolidated in the battle cry. However, if the objective is not well defined, the incentive becomes false and does not have the desired effect.

Following the example of the sporting goods store, its goal could be:

  • Be a sales reference for articles for the “X” team;
  • Exceed goals each day;
  • Engage the fan to cheer more and more through sales.

How to analyze the current situation of the company

Finally, there is an analysis of how the team’s situation is at the moment, but it is not worth focusing on the negative. The correct thing is to take into account the positive results and what you are doing to progress. 

Also in the case of the aforementioned store:

  • We are selling more and more;
  • We are every day contributing to the “X” crowd;
  • We take the field together with each player.

After defining each of these points, it will be easier to create a battle cry. Of course you don’t have to do this alone!

Create a campaign to create the rallying cry for sellers

Defining who they are, the goals and how they are is the first step, now writing the battle cry is to get your hands dirty. But why do this alone?

The main objective is team engagement, so there is no reason to exclude them from this activity!

Even in the first part of institutional definitions, don’t leave them plastered and reduced to your vision alone. Present your ideas, but ask the whole team to show what they think about each set point and if they have any suggestions to add. 

After performing this exercise, propose that each one develop a rallying cry for the sales team. To encourage them, you can give some bonuses to those who do better in the exercise.

However, do not focus on money or competition, but on attitudes that further increase the feeling of gratitude towards the company. The bonus can come through a dinner with a companion, for example.

It is very important that some rules are established and that they are clear, such as:

  • It is not worth plagiarizing war cries from other companies, groups or institutions;
  • Put a minimum and maximum word limit;
  • Inform if the scream needs only to be written or it needs to have rhythm too.

These are just a few examples of rules to be placed, but the most important thing is to adapt them to the profile of the commercial team.

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Use the rallying cry to motivate your sales team

Ready! Have you created the rallying cry for sellers now what? Make it a real anthem!

The battle cry comes as an opportunity to take time, together with all employees, to feel extremely engaged and ready for battle. 

So do more than leave a few minutes for him, encourage the company’s culture, and at every meeting, at every event, create that moment.

Some important tips:

  • Sing, but sing it out loud! No wonder that the name of the practice is “war cry”. It’s for each word to come out of your lungs with a lot of force!
  • Encourage everyone to participate, but respect everyone’s preferences. It’s no use forcing everyone to sing. Not all people feel comfortable doing this, but respecting each one, include them in the dynamic, if only to just be present in the middle of the vibration.
  • Be the first to be excited! It’s not just about shouting the verses, it’s also showing that you believe in every word and are willing to achieve everything the hymn proposes.

Now, as a last indication, we have the tip: associate the battle cry for salesperson with the sales campaign! 

The battle cry and the sales campaign

The campaigns developed within a commercial team encourage the productivity and improvement of each one of the team. So, it must have been clear that associating them with the battle cry is an unavoidable practice!

After defining the campaign’s goals, actions and rewards, remind each employee that it is happening and encourage them, as just singing the cry will not engage them.

Examples of War Cry for Sellers

First, we brought ourselves as an example!

Here at the Institute of Specialization in Sales (IEV) we believe in the power of a well-engaged team and we really are a team that always seeks to improve and evolve. Therefore, our cry expresses our objective: to fulfill our mission and achieve results.

This anthem was created by Leandro Tixa , IEV’s Commercial Manager, who has at its core the training of salespeople that he conquered in the company.

He says that when he was a franchise manager, there was an internal campaign for employees to develop anthems that represented the brand. In less than two days, he made this composition, which reflects the values, the sense of ownership, the purpose and the cause that the company has.

He was the winner and won a special dinner as a prize. As a result: the anthem is frequently sung by the entire team of employees, during meetings, as a form of engagement and a vivid reminder of why we do what we do.

According to Tixa, “there are musicians who compose good music commercially, but it’s different when someone inside the company does it”. He also explains that what is sung has to be lived, so it makes more sense to come from someone on the team.

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