How to increase team productivity


The term productivity has gained a lot of space in recent years. Companies understand that it is necessary to optimize time and increase their profitability without exponentially increasing their expenses. The best way to do this is to work to increase the productivity of the team and the business as a whole!

And, believe me, any company, regardless of the segment, can work to increase the income of its employees.

Do you, who are a manager or leader, believe that your team can deliver much more than it currently delivers? Do you want to improve your company’s processes to develop your team’s high performance?

Today, you will learn step-by-step how to increase team productivity!

Why is it important to increase team productivity? 

Before learning the techniques of how to increase team productivity, you need to understand what it means to have an effective team.

Productivity is related to the production capacity of an employee, a team and even a company. The greater the performance of employees and processes, the greater the profitability and revenue generation of a business.

A common mistake among leaders is to expect their followers to find ways to increase their own daily performance. However, part of the entrepreneurs and managers are realizing that it is their responsibility to contribute so that the team is more efficient.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you’re part of this group.

For a company and its employees to achieve established goals and achieve greater productivity, it is essential to invest in excellent people management. Because, it is the manager who will be able to motivate and increase the team’s performance, making it easier for the company to achieve the goals outlined in less time.

“You cannot impose productivity, you must provide the tools to enable people to transform themselves at their best.” This famous phrase on the subject is from Steve Jobs , entrepreneur and founder of Apple, who understood the need to provide ways for people to increase and improve their performance.

Before continuing to read this article, it is important to stress that the first step towards this is to set an example, that is, you need to become a highly efficient and productive manager .

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How to increase team productivity

Now that you know the importance of having a productive team, you will know the main ways to take your team to another level, regardless of the segment in which you operate!

Well-established and clear roles

A great enemy of individual productivity is not knowing what your functions are and wasting time developing tasks that shouldn’t be yours or don’t improve your results and those of the company.

A common mistake in many businesses, especially small and medium ones, is not establishing the responsibilities of each employee. It is important that the manager defines the role of each member in the team and makes clear what he/she expects each one to perform.   Failures in the division of tasks and responsibilities is one of the factors that most hinder the teams’ performance and can be corrected by a more attentive and communicative management.

sharing information

Just as it’s imperative to have well-defined roles, it’s important to maintain clear and productive communication. The first step for this to happen is to unify in a single channel, in addition to email, information and chats. Ideally, you don’t use WhatsApp for that, but other organizational communication tools that unify data and avoid misunderstandings.

As a manager, it’s also up to you to briefly explain to the team the objective behind each project. The alignment of expectations and information helps to motivate employees, an essential step to increase productivity. 

Meetings and feedbacks

Good communication must include a routine of meetings and feedback. When an employee is not achieving the established goals and not performing their activities correctly, they must be informed as soon as possible. This premise also applies to when employees are performing well, don’t forget to give positive reinforcement to the behavior you approve of.

Ideally, feedbacks should be continuous, that is, they should be part of the company’s culture. It is important to emphasize that the feedback at the moment is much more powerful. So, if you notice a situation that can be returned, do it right away.

Know that while you have to lead by example, you don’t have to be perfect. In case of failure, assume your own mistakes and correct them. This posture conveys confidence to the team.

Bearing in mind that constructive feedbacks must be given individually, positive feedbacks can be given in front of the entire team. These feedbacks can be done in meetings, for example.

Although many experts include collaborator meetings in the time stealers list. When done well, the meetings can greatly increase the team’s productivity, as it is through them that it is possible to monitor activities, identify problems and provide guidance on corrections.

To make them more productive, make an appointment in advance and let all guests know the topics that will be covered.  

Appropriate tools and structure

Lack of proper tools and technologies kills any worker’s productivity. With the correct and necessary structure, each employee can develop their activities in a simpler way, optimizing their time and delivering better results.

The lack of a fast internet, fast computers, tools for organizing and managing tasks, CRM and communication platforms can greatly delay the execution of activities. 

It is no wonder that companies make millions creating technologies that replace operational work, directing employees to perform more strategic activities that bring greater returns to the company.

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Even though the implementation causes some work and ‘steals’ the team’s time, the long-term gains make up for the initial headaches. 

Review of internal processes

When your car has a part problem, no matter what you do, the vehicle’s performance is compromised. But what does this have to do with increasing team productivity?

To get the most out of your employees, it’s important that your internal processes are running at peak quality.

Even if you already have a well-structured line of activities and technologies that work, it’s important to keep abreast of market news and innovations that can improve internal processes.

Constant review allows you to find bottlenecks and essential points to improve your company’s performance. This monitoring helps to find planning flaws, rework rates, and to reduce bureaucracy, which is often unnecessary. In addition, it is possible to improve approval stages and decision-making by the manager.

Humanization of the work environment

The environment your team is in can directly impact productivity. Points such as organization, cleanliness, noise, distractions and movement must be taken into account. These structural problems can contribute to a significant drop in your team’s production.

Furthermore, it is essential to have a friendly environment. Find out what makes your employees motivated and happy . It is important to make an individualized analysis, there are people who feel more excited about financial incentives and others who prefer verbal recognition, opportunities for growth and learning. Motivated employees produce more and better!

Quality recruitment and selection

Although we are teaching you how to increase the productivity of your current team, it is also worth looking for employees who have productivity as a previous characteristic, who know and know how to perform the activities you need them to develop in the company. 

Therefore, it is important to have a structured Human Resources team that knows where to look for the best talent and has adequate tools to know and identify the skills of candidates that fit what your company is looking for.

Time management

All of the above topics are important when it comes to having a more productive team, but nothing impacts the development of activities more than time management… or lack of it. 

To increase team productivity, it’s essential to be concerned about how your team spends working hours.

Avoid wasting time on activities that don’t bring results, with distractions, personal tasks and rework. If your company embraces overtime, manage it closely to understand if it’s really necessary. Find out if there are team members who are idle or overwhelmed, these two situations contribute to the drop in productivity. 

Sometimes, it is more advantageous for the company to hire another professional who performs the activities that employees avoid and that take a lot of time and give little result, than to insist on the same failures.

It is important that people are committed and disciplined when changing their habits to increase their productivity, in addition to eliminating time wasters from their routine.

Productivity indicators

To increase team productivity, it is essential to first understand the current efficiency of your employees and also measure performance after adopting the other measures we indicated above.

To do this, it is essential that you create and develop productivity indicators and measure your team’s performance. There are different tools that can help in defining and monitoring productivity, such as:

  • Number of contacts made by sellers;
  • Profitability;
  • Daily, weekly and monthly production;
  • Quality level.

Training and development

In addition to improving the quality of execution and deliveries, investing in training and professional development is essential to increase the team’s productivity. Because, when the company seeks training and courses, it demonstrates to the employee that it believes in them and that they recognize their efforts, increasing motivation.

This investment also places continuous improvement and advancement as a company policy, encouraging employees to do this for themselves and always improve their skills.

The manager’s choice to train the team demonstrates that he is willing to take risks and spend money so that employees know techniques and acquire the knowledge necessary for them to be successful.

How to increase sales force productivity 

Many companies believe that to increase their sales volume it is necessary to hire new salespeople. However, this is not an absolute truth. Your sales team can keep up with the demand and win new customers just by increasing your daily income and the number of prospects you can do. All it takes is planning!

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