Phone Sales Script. Learn how to create one from scratch!

Phone Sales

You’ve certainly been in a situation where not having a phone sales script was missed. Whether it’s when you haven’t been able to develop that engaging conversation that grabs the customer’s attention or when you’ve gotten lost in the information about the product you’re selling.

It is extremely important that every salesperson has on the tip of his tongue a well-cut sales pitch , which is the act of being able to present the product/service in a clear, objective, fast way and that arouses the interest of the possible consumer.

Above all, it is not enough to know how to answer customer questions, it is essential to have a pre-defined structure of information. Systematizing what is most relevant and most appropriate is also part of creating a good phone sales script.

Also called a script, it is extremely necessary in this virtual contact that the seller makes. Unlike other situations, such as in-person sales, only you will see that you are using this script, which is an advantage.

What is a sales script? 

According to Raul Candeloro, a partner at the Institute of Specialization in Sales and founder of VendaMais magazine, “ the script is a series of words organized in an intelligent and planned way so that the salesperson can make the best possible impact on the first contact with the prospect ”.

In other words, it is not unimportant information, it is the impression that will remain in the customer’s mind and that will make him, or not, buy from you.

Benefit of creating a sales script

By generating a good phone sales script, you can certainly see benefits from your very first application. Business processes tend to be standardized and customer contact becomes clearer.

Other positive points that may arise are:

  • Anticipation of the customer’s objections to not buying what you sell;
  • Recognition and qualification of the types of contacts that are working;
  • Increased chances of potential consumers to identify with the company , as this first interaction happens in a way centered on them and on what will solve and call their attention;
  • Trust between seller and buyer expands as good service is established.

So what does a good phone sales script have?

First, a good script needs to have who your customer is! Use whatever information you can about him and draw a profile. Imagine what your goals, demands and needs are.

In this script you also delimit the most necessary issue to sell something to someone. Is the person you are talking to a potential consumer?

Imagine someone who sells beef cuts, certainly his audience is not vegans, who do not consume animal products. 

That’s what your script has to have, who the target customer is. Who is a potential consumer. Knowing this makes the approach easier.

Now, secondly, the phone sales script needs to show the problems and needs that your company helps to solve . After all, for the customer, the purchase of something is for him to supply his demand and not for the seller’s speech.

Finally, thirdly, it is necessary to have the benefits that the consumer will achieve when buying the product/service.

Top Mistakes When Assembling a Sales Script

When writing the phone sales script it is possible that some mistakes will come up in the beginning, so let’s advance them so you don’t make them.

1 – Do not post vague information

Indicating only the common or generic creates a big problem: the lack of specific information and, consequently, robotic service. 

Receiving that call with clearly programmed and extremely evasive responses will certainly only cause the customer the feeling of wasting time.

2 – Not preparing to hear the “no”

This often happens when the seller is very sure of himself or when he is sure the product or promotion will “sell itself”, but this is also a wrong idea.

It is common for customers to object to the purchase, put obstacles to the closing and even say “no”. Then think about all these negative responses he might give and how to get around them. 

You have to know who you talk to. Without that, it’s impossible to know your problems, pains and goals.

3 – Skip the next steps

Not being prepared for what comes after this phone contact with the customer is a very serious mistake.

When offering something to someone by phone call or social network , worry about what comes next. Get as much information as you can about your contact so you can understand their profile even more. Schedule another conversation, if he’s interested, and don’t close this first one yet!

Also keep the bond active between you: send rich and informative materials, such as success stories from other customers. This way, he makes sure that his product/service delivers what it promises!

4 – Not having a quiet time

As much as you speak well and have a phone sales script with all the necessary and well-structured information, you also need to stop and listen to the customer.

Ask questions where the answer is not monosyllabic, such as a “yes” or “no”. Really try to understand what your pains are, his goals and expectations in relation to the product/service he is looking for.  

In other words, have a good conversation and know how to listen and pay attention to each other.

How to Create a Phone Sales Script

Undeniably, a phone sales script is essential for any salesperson using digital means of communication. So far you’ve learned what it is, the importance and benefits it brings, and the major mistakes in making this script.

See now how to build it from scratch to further grow your sales force .

Define sales process steps

Know well what the sales steps of your product/service are and use them to identify the time it takes to sell and, also, how this contact between seller and customer happens.

Search the competition

Know who your competition is in order to understand why and how you differentiate yourself in the market. But, it is important to remember that this knowledge is only for internal planning and organization.

Don’t use your competitors as parameters when selling. Speaking ill of others can lead to misinterpretation or mistrust in the consumer. So focus only on your results and differentials.

Watch the best sellers

Analyzing high-performing salespeople helps you understand what they do that sets them apart from others on the same team, so you can use these techniques to standardize processes.

Be aware of market updates

It may seem like something that doesn’t interfere when scheduling a conversation with a customer, but in reality, understanding the current market scenario is more than necessary.

Imagine someone who sells health insurance and telemedicine. In the situation the world is in today, for sure, considering the data and information that exists in the media will make all the difference when creating a good sales script.

Be assertive 

Finally, there’s the tip you couldn’t miss about writing a phone sales script: be quick and concise!

It may seem like a difficult thing to do, putting information about the customer, the product and the company in a short space, but this is ideal. According to Raul, a script is made up of one or two paragraphs, that is, it is short.

Understand the isolated values ​​of each customer and always adapt the script according to the needs of the moment , but have it on hand so that you are never left unanswered or not knowing where to go during the conversation.

Do it in lists, topics or plain text, use what works best for you. But, remember to always update the script, as certainly by standardizing the sales process, it will be easier to identify where you can improve.

Script Examples by Phone

Now, to wrap up, let’s leave some sample phone sales script for you to apply. However, don’t forget: adapt them to your reality and the language that speaks most to your brand. The important thing is to get the customer’s attention and not become robotic.

Script for first contact by phone

Presentation ― Here you introduce yourself, tell how you got the customer contact and why you’re calling:

If he says he can’t talk, suggest a new time to call again, and if he still can’t, ask him what time would be best for him.

Now, continuing the service, ask if the customer already knows what you are selling. Regardless of whether he knows it or not, this is the time to present the benefits he brings.

What does your product do? What benefits does it bring to the customer? What can he solve for this person?

Then some objections may arise, be ready to answer them! They depend on the features of your product, but some universal ones are:

Finally, comes the closure! If the customer has stayed this far and you’ve managed to get around the objections, there’s a good chance they’ll make the purchase, so suggest this. Here are some closing ideas:

Script for second phone contact

Presentation ― Again you will introduce yourself. Reminding the client of the last conversation they had and asking them something private they wrote down about them is a good way to establish rapport .

With the objections data from the last conversation, rethink how to work around them again and, according to the customer profile, imagine what possible new objections might arise. Write them down and be prepared.

After developing the dialogue, suggest closing.

After-sales script

The aftermarket is a practice that needs to be part of the routine of a sales team high performance . Set an appropriate time to contact your customers and ask about their experience.

Practicing this exercise helps to keep you loyal and, most importantly, it helps you to improve your sales techniques, because with the feedback it is possible to understand what was done good and bad.

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