Sales and Service Techniques: Everything You Need to Know to Supercharge Them!


The sales techniques and customer service are ways to better market products / services and establish a good relationship between salesperson / clerk and customer.

While processes are identified, established and strongly developed, the result is success and improvement in the company’s results.

But, it is very important to remember that when we talk about techniques, we are not referring to robotization , but rather to a set of actions that help to better understand and meet the needs of those looking for a particular product/service.

Advantages of mastering sales and customer service techniques

By improving the sales and service techniques of the sales team, several benefits arise, such as:

  • Increase in the average ticket , which is equivalent to how much your team invoices in a given period per order;
  • Decrease in the lack of team engagement , as they feel more prepared to approach a new consumer;
  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty , as they find a pleasant environment to buy.

In summary, improving how you serve and sell a product/service to the customer is always beneficial, but now take a deep look at how to adopt practices to improve these techniques .

What are sales and service techniques?

First of all, let’s get to the definitions!

Technique is a “set of methods and processes specific to an art, science or profession”. Sales are about solving customer problems with the products/services you have. It is certainly not just a commercial exchange!

That is, we can describe that these two words together compose practices in order to improve the team’s performance and establish a better contact between the salesperson and the customer.

When this service is done correctly, the trend is to improve all commercial steps.

Now, see the 9 basic sales and service techniques and how to apply them to your team!

What are the main sales and service techniques? 

Selling is not just for those who have “talent” , it is an act composed of a set of techniques that help in customer service and success. So, look at the top practices you need to adopt to be a high-performance sales professional.

1 – Know very well what sells and where you work

First of all, even before gaining new customers, it is extremely essential that the salesperson knows the company very well, the organizational culture of the working environment and, of course, the products and services they sell. 

Not having mastery of what you talk about and not presenting well-founded information can lead to a disapproval by the buyer, who will not believe the merchant’s words.

So, the first tip is, work with your sales team on the company’s history, goals, profits, objectives. The definitions and applicability of each product or service. 

When this practice is done correctly, it instigates and engages the team to sell more and better . It is certainly one of the main sales and service techniques.

2 – Be organized and have a script 

Second, once you are rooted in the salesperson’s mind where you work and what you sell, you need to get organized to start selling!

Preparations for approaching a customer are not wasted time, but a safe path that prevents objections and helps establish better contact with the customer.

A good sales script needs to have:

  • Presentation;
  • Basic customer data , such as name, title, age and contact;
  • Purpose of contact;
  • Ways to get around potential buyer objections .

Now, another extremely important point is the moment of silence . It is not enough to put this script into practice and not stop to listen to the other one. Listen to the customer, be solicitous and present in the conversation.

3 – Know how to read the pain that the client has

Not understanding the objective of a potential buyer when looking for a product/service is the same as being lost in a path and not knowing where you really want to go.

Serving a person, being cordial, solicitous and knowing, in detail, what sells is the minimum desired. Customers are not just looking for a good reception, they want something to solve their problems. 

When the salesperson or attendant realizes this, the contact becomes much more fluid, that is, the chances of closing and retaining the customer only increase.

Try to understand why a person is looking for the services and products you sell and why they solve their pain.

If what this consumer asks is not the most suitable solution for him, offer other options and make a totally consultative sale . 

4 – Create value 

Still within the idea of ​​conducting consultative and non-transactional sales, offer much more than a product/service, offer a solution and create value for what you sell!

We have already mentioned that customers are looking for something to meet their needs and the seller is the agent responsible for helping them in this search. However, the culture of offering the solution and not the product is really effective.

When you understand that what you sell can’t just be seen as something with a price tag, it’s easier to create that value proposition.

Devise strategies to add meaning that makes the customer identify with what you offer. Always talk about the benefits of the product and how it solves the pains of this potential consumer.

5 – Generate customer confidence

Building trust in someone happens not only by having good public speaking, but also by establishing a true connection that creates meaning and security between the customer and the salesperson. 

To conquer these feelings it is necessary to establish rapport , which consists in building a bond of empathy with the other and understanding the importance of the conversation .

Be present physically and emotionally when talking to someone, show that you care and that you are not just there to sell , but as a helper who helps others find what they need.

But, there are also some other excellent practices that contribute to the relationship with the customer, such as:

  • Respect the competition and don’t speak ill of other people, because this discredits the company and its own speech;
  • Be clear about the products and services and answer all questions clearly and with mastery of what you say;
  • Try to understand the customer’s profile and adapt the service to it.

6 – Don’t forget about after-sales

It is wrong to focus only on the immediate, on the goals of now. As well as the before, sales planning, it is also necessary to carry out the post, where it is possible to strengthen the relationship with the customer and build customer loyalty.

The aftermarket is a primary practice in all business sectors. In it you can measure the success of your team by measuring the level of customer satisfaction. 

Some tips for this sales technique are:

  • Make an information bank with all the people who consumed your products and services;
  • Once the sale is complete, ask the customer to rate the service they received;
  • After a certain period, defined according to the time necessary for the consumer to test and use what he has purchased, contact him and ask him again about the level of satisfaction regarding the service and the product;
  • Ask the customer what you could have done to improve their experience in this purchase process;
  • Write down all suggestions for improvement and do whatever makes sense for you and your company.

7 – Most importantly, be true

Now, above all, comes the most important tip. Be true to everything you say!

Unfortunately, the association that all sellers are liars is common , as there really are many “mercenaries” in the market , who only care about selling at any cost and don’t care about the client’s success.

To differentiate yourself and perform good sales and service techniques , always tell the truth and make sure the people you serve understand that you are doing this.

8 – Practice active listening

Without active listening, it is certainly impossible to serve well and create rapport with the customer . But after all, what is she?

Actively listening to someone is one of the most important sales and service techniques. The act of listening to the other with devotion and full attention, understanding and absorbing the information the other person says, allows you to offer the ideal solution to their problem.

When this practice is done, communication becomes easier. In other words, the customer perceives that he is really being listened to and receiving attention.

9 – Get around objections 

The objections are old acquaintances to all sellers, and you’ve certainly heard “ the product is too expensive ”, “it doesn’t fit my budget ” or “I need time to think ”. These are some loopholes that customers use for a few reasons:

  • They are not interested in the product;
  • They want discounts;
  • They don’t see the real value of what is offered.

To get around these objections, it is necessary to know very well what sells and be prepared for these situations.

List all the reasons you can think of for customers to say “no” and work really well on that. Deviating from these negative responses will certainly remove the hurdles from the purchase.

10 – Train sales and service techniques!

As icing on the cake, we brought you a tip that helps you put all these sales and service techniques into practice, which is: do constant training !

By always improving, you can keep up with market news and adapt to your customers’ needs and demands . Those who do not seek to improve and evolve in the commercial area, it is as if they were still stuck in the last century.

Some other attitudes you can have to keep in constant improvement are:

  • Follow the news: search for the main and most reliable information vehicles that talk about the market, finance and the area in which your company operates and see them daily. Look for the big ones, national/state level, but also follow your region, the local ones.
  • Hold staff meetings and training: Use these moments for a collective update on the company’s methods and processes, ask employees to bring experiences and ideas on how to improve themselves. This is a good time to talk about the sales techniques that are working the most and put performance indicators on the agenda .
  • Invest in courses and specializations: courses are certainly the main ways to acquire knowledge and always be prepared for the market. More than a financial investment, they are essential in training your salespeople.

Remember, people’s profiles change, technologies advance, so don’t cling to the current as if it were immutable . Get better, work for it! Don’t get stagnant in the market. These attitudes are essential for learning the best sales and service techniques.

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