Training to increase sales: how to improve salespeople’s performance


Understand how sales training can help you sell more and increase your conversion rate!

If you’ve made it this far, it’s probably because you’re facing a common problem among underperforming sales teams: low sales and a drop in sales .

Increasing your sales conversion rate depends on several factors within the business process, but be aware that to consistently and lastingly achieve goals, you only need to put in place a simple but complete strategy! 

Do you believe that to sell more you need many salespeople working tirelessly in search of more customers? If you said “yes”, your answer is wrong!

Rather, it’s not a huge team that will help you expand your business. Many companies manage to win large numbers of closures with small teams.

The key to converting more customers and expanding revenue lies in how salespeople work and how dedicated their managers are to improving the company’s sales process.

Advantages of training to increase sales

Training to increase sales has many more benefits than just leveraging the number of closes. We have listed 5 aspects that training helps to improve in the company. Follow up!

1. Increases productivity

Investing in training to increase sales is an important step towards achieving high productivity for your team. That’s because, by knowing the entire sales process and how to assertively execute it, your salespeople are able to plan each task and organize their work routine.

Data released by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) show that companies that invest in personalized training programs had an improvement of up to 218% in the productivity and results of their employees.

Having this preparation at the time of exercise of the function makes all the difference in making the most of sales, as your team members can foresee possible errors and avoid them or correct them before affecting the sales process.

As a result, less time and energy is lost in activities that do not add to sales, such as having to search for the contact of a potential customer and schedule a meeting, when the salesperson could already have the necessary data in hand to address each prospect, collected in the prospecting stage.

By receiving training to increase sales, your team is able to direct the focus to the businesses that are really beneficial to the company’s profitability, thus increasing the sales conversion at each stage of the process (preparation and planning, prospecting, approach, survey needs, value proposition, negotiation, closing and after-sales).

2. Increases team engagement

Without an engaged team, selling more becomes a double challenge. When your salespeople aren’t motivated , they’re likely not to overcome their personal obstacles. If a salesperson is not concerned about improving their approach, for example, other steps in the sale are affected.

It’s like building a house, where each person is responsible for a part of the work, according to their abilities and aptitudes. If one of the workers raises a wall in any way, it is likely that it will go wrong when finishing the room or installing doors, windows or the electrical network, and the possibility of it collapsing, causing the team to start construction again.

The same goes for sales. Without engaged salespeople, there is no collaboration for team performance. By investing in training to increase sales, you are valuing each person you lead and encouraging them to work together so that everyone wins.

In addition, if each salesperson masters the activities and techniques necessary for their role, the sales process becomes easier and faster, which encourages the achievement of the goals established for the team. The result of this collaboration is reaching new levels of the company’s conversion rate.

3. Increases the company’s credibility 

Do you prefer to train your team to offer the best to your customer or apologize to a dissatisfied customer for a poor customer service and purchase experience?

You can even hire the best salespeople, but without specialized team training, your team is unlikely to achieve above-average results.

Through training to increase sales, your team is able to deliver a complete shopping experience to the customer, offering everything they need to solve their problem.

Satisfied customers mean a good reputation and credibility of your company among consumers. Which, consequently, increases the number of referrals of your product/service, as they trust the quality of what you offer.

4. Reduce errors and, consequently, costs 

Failures and errors in operations or in the sales process are costly! Leading salespeople who lose sales and are replaced in a short period of time also means financial loss.

How, then, to stop losing because of internal problems? The answer is simple: training your sales team.

Skilled salespeople know how to successfully execute each step of the sale, avoiding mistakes and quickly bypassing setbacks. 

If they convert customers, close sales and know how to prevent failures, you reduce costs , because you don’t have to worry about investing more money and time in hiring new employees. On the contrary, you, as a competent leader, will dedicate yourself to developing your team’s abilities more and more.

Investments must be made strategically, right? So, know that training to increase sales is the safest way to apply your efforts to increase your company’s conversion and stop wasting money on easy-to-avoid mistakes.

5. Training to increase sales improves results 

All of the above benefits contribute to what every sales team wants: to improve sales results.

If the team knows how to plan and organize the sales process and has high productivity, each salesperson will be engaged and motivated to work towards achieving the established goal.

If they understand exactly how to successfully perform their work and know how to avoid mistakes, the losses and costs of possible hiring are reduced.

And a company with a well-trained team, which delivers a differentiated service , sells more and still conveys confidence to customers.

The consequence of all these factors is nothing more than a high conversion to sales. So, investing in training to increase sales will improve every part of the business process, from the team’s strategic planning to the manager’s leadership.

How to do training to increase sales effectively

First of all, you must understand that successful sales don’t happen automatically and mechanized, unless they happen through the online environment without the mediation of a real salesperson.

Your salespeople need to remember that they are dealing with other people, so nurturing a relationship with your customers throughout the sales process is essential to your business’ success!

Keeping this in mind, the crucial point when it comes to training to increase sales is to understand that your team must have full knowledge of every step of the sales process and not just what you believe to be the problem .

Often, during training, managers realize that the errors that prevent a team from increasing sales are not just in one of the sales phases, but in several stages that create greater difficulties in other processes.

Think about that, when your salesperson prospects and approaches a potential customer, he or she must lead him to the closing of the purchase, through the sales funnel of your business, right?

So, at each stage of the sale, a certain number of leads, that is, potential customers, move or not to the next phase of the purchase.

When your salespeople master the techniques of each phase, they can streamline the process and increase that number of leads from one step to the next.

So when we improve the quality of every step of the sale, the probability of converting a customer increases. It’s no use prospecting hundreds of contacts if, at the time of the approach, the salesperson fails to adapt to the customer’s profile, or if, during the negotiation, he doesn’t know how to make concessions (or makes too many concessions and ends up resorting to discounts).

To measure your team’s performance, you can record the numbers of leads that each salesperson converted at each step. With these numbers, you can calculate your conversion rate and visualize where possible errors are.

Investing in training to increase sales is about developing not only the way your team sells, but also the collaboration between salespeople and their contact with the customer.

Combining good leadership with a dedicated team and specialized knowledge is the key to achieving a high level of quality.

Is training to increase sales the solution for your team?

Now that you know how training to increase sales helps improve conversion at every step of the business process and your company’s revenue, let’s follow the trajectory of overcoming this obstacle. Try to imagine the scenes throughout the narrative.

You are the commercial manager of a company and you have in your hands a challenge that will determine whether the company grows or closes its doors.

For months, the company has been dealing with the low revenue resulting from the few sales made by its team, which is not engaged and does not understand the details necessary for a good sales process. 

You then begin your search for effective solutions to leverage the company’s sales and motivate your salespeople. The pages you come across on the Internet indicate various techniques and methods. You feel lost, confused and unable to apply all these strategies on your own.

What if there was a way to improve team skills, sell more, grow the company, and, on top of that, be recognized as a competent and innovative leader? It would be your dream come true, wouldn’t it? 

An idea lights up your thoughts, and now you turn your attention to an alternative: training to increase sales. But is it really worth investing time and money in your salespeople without being sure they will be able to successfully close sales?

The answer quickly pops into your mind and you’re back to square one. Over the days, worry consumes you. And now, you have one more reason to change, and quickly, the company’s situation: the competition is in full swing, leading the market and selling more and more. 

Defeat is not an option. You need to show that you have leadership skills and that you can make your team the best sales team in the industry.  

But what will your competitor’s secret be? 

A 2020 survey by PageGroup shows that 52% of companies in Latin America are investing in training their employees. 

When salespeople know how to make each step of the sale, with killer tactics to convince and delight the customer, closing happens naturally. The secret is in the unfolding of the process.


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